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Saint-Michel Notre-Dame train station2017-2021Consulting and design assistance through expermiental measurement, modeling and simulation of air quality in the train station.Aeraulics, Air Quality, Ventilation, Wind Comfort, Scientific consultancyProject description
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Versailles Chantier train station - Infrapôle2022Optimization study for the natural ventilation of the atrium of a new building for the Infrapole of SNCF Réseau.Urban aeraulics, Comfort, BES, Natural Ventilation, OptimizationProject description
namR : Data & Enérgie2021Création d’un modèle physique pour la production de données de consommations énergétiques du parc résidentiel français.Big-Data, Enérgie, STD, Python, 3CL, Project description,
Issy train station2021Wind drven rain on passengers and pathwaysUrban aeraulics, Wind Driven Rain Project description
UHI - Paris Austerlitz train station forecourt2022Outdoor comfort : UHI effects characterization & WindUrban aeraulics, UHI, Wind Comfort, Outdoor thermal comfortProject description,
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Outdoor "climatic" furniture - Saint Denis2021Research of innovative solutions to fight against UHIUrban aeraulics, Comfort, Consultancy, SunlightProject description
Melun train station2021Wind comfort study of the interior spaces, the forecourt and the platforms, carried out for the rehabilitation and extension project of the Melun train station.Urban aeraulics, Wind comfortProject description
Bondy train station2021Wind comfort and Wind driven rain study, carried out for the renovation and extension project of the Bondy train station, east of Paris.Urban aeraulics, Wind Comfort, Wind Driven RainProject description
Lyon Part Dieu train station2020Indoor thermal comfort in the Beraudier Hall, carried out as part of the Lyon Part-Dieu station expansion project.Urban Aeraulics, BES, Sunlight, ComfortProject description,
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Annemasse Railway Maintenance Center2020Wind comfort study carried out as part of the rehabilitation of the Annemasse technical center.Urban aeraulics, Wind comfortProject description
Valence Hospital2020Aeraulic study carried out on an intensive care and an operating room for the extension project of the Hospital Center of Valence [FR]Indoor aeraulics, Air Change Rates, Tracer gasProject description
Tunnel ventilation shafts - EOLE line - Paris2020Environmental impact assessment study of fine particle emissions on the outdoor air quality in the vicinity of two ventilation shafts of the Eole tunnels in Paris.Urban aeraulics, Particle Dispersion, Particulate MatterProject description
Avenue Foch train station2019 - 2021Subterranean Air Quality Mitigation experimentations, realized in the call for proposals "Innovons pour l'air de nos stations", funded by Île de France Mobilité and SNCF G&C DGIF. Particulate Matter, Experimentation, Data Analysis, Scientific ConsultancyProject description,
Le Havre - Call for tender2019Definition of environmental objectives at the neighbourhood level Urban aeraulics, Sunlight, BES, Comfort Project description
Paris Austerlitz train station2019Wind and thermal comfort studies in the Passenger Hall, carried out as part of the project to modernize the Austerlitz train stationUrban Aeraulics, Wind Comfort, BES, ComfortProject description,
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Eole La Défense train station2019Study of aeraulics and indoor air quality, carried out for the project of the new train station at La Défense - Paris.Urban aeraulics, Indoor Air Quality, Pollutant Dispersion, Particulate MatterProject description
Paris Est train station2018Wind and thermal comfort studies on the Alsace and Saint Martin Halls of the Gare de l'Est, carried out as part of the modernization project.Urban Aeuraulics, Sunlight, BES, Thermal Comfort, Wind Comfort, Experimental Measurments, Sensitivity AnalysisProject description,
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