L’hypercube AREP : la cellule de recherche, modélisation et simulation dédiée à la physique du bâtiment

These pages are intended to present the necessary theoretical background for calculating the physics of phenomena occurring in open and semi-open environments (e. g. train stations and their urban environment): comfort, air flows, air quality, pollution...

Vous y trouverez donc des pages sur nos expertises et nos savoir-faire : les écoulements d’air en milieu urbain, le calcul du confort thermique à partir de modèles physiologiques de l’humain et la qualité d’air intérieur, notamment dans les gares souterraines.

Within AREP, the team made up of PhD's, engineers and architects is commited to enable the computation of complex climatic phenomena in outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces. As most commercial softwares do not allow to properly characterize this typology of spaces, we use a coupling of different numerical methods, as well as intensive parallel computing methods.

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